Sunday, April 05, 2009

Donations for Sawan

Gede Sumaardana is a father of two and works as a tour driver on Bali Island,
Indonesia. He lives away from Sawan in Denpassar, Bali to work.
My brother and I met him through a good Japanese friend of mine,
who operates a spa and Chinese restaurant on Bali.

Many people from the north of Bali must migrate south in search of work.
Gede is one of them. I have committed to sending 100 dollars a month
to Gede to help his village Sawan. Please find it in your heart to do the same.
They also need English books for their kindergarten. Probably anything
you would be willing to donate to this very poor village would be appreciated.

A visit to Sawan to see her beautiful waterfall is well worth it.

If you`d like to donate:

You can send English books, money orders, or cheques to:

Gede Sumaardana
Jin. Gunung Sari No. 44 x Pemogan,

If you have further questions about any of this:

Gede`s Email address is:
sumaardanagede at